Armando and Family La Ventana

Armando, Alandra and their daughter are decedents of one of La Ventana’s original families.   Alandra’s grandmother lived in the hills of La Ventana / El Sergento before it became an established town. They farmed and also raised goats and deers. This family eventually moved closer to the sea and they became fisherman.   Her family now lives in the town of El Sergento, the original town for this region. Her husband was the grandson of one of the original families from San Juan de los Planes, a small town several miles south on the Bay of La Ventana.

Armando was one of the first kite surfers in the Bay of La Ventana. He taught himself how to kite surf and eventually went on to teach his wife and daughter.  He now has a successful kite surfing school and has taught and inspired the next generation of young La Ventana & El Sergento local youth. Armando’s students now assist him with teaching in his school.   One of his first student’s is regarded as one of the best kite surfers in Mexico.

Armando, Alandra and their daughter have built their successful livelihood around the sea and the land where their roots run deep. Their young daughter is now learning to ride the winds of The Bay of La Ventana overlooking the mountains where her great grandmother once lived.

‘When I go kiting with my family I’m the happiest guy in the world” Armando