Water Is Life

Project Azu

That which we cherish is that which we preserve.

When you cherish something, be it a loved one, a community, a bioregion, you naturally protect it as something that is an interwoven part of yourself.   When you cherish water, and all that water supports, nourishes and creates, you cherish life itself.

Water is life

As we become more isolated and disconnected from nature –  the oceans, streams,  rivers and all the creatures that inhabit these water lands, we loose our intrinsic connection to  life itself.   To the natural rhythms, cycles and the ebb and flow of the waters of our  world.

To cherish something is to re-engage a connection – a relationship, and to be in communion with.  The presence and quality of cherishing something is knowing that it is ephemeral, it can disappear – just as life itself.


The essence of Project Azu – Water Healers, is to cultivate a presence, awakening, and depending of our relationship to cherish that which is disappearing and changing.   The waters of life and the creatures of the oceans, rivers and waterways of our world.

Water Healers

When we heal something without
We heal something within.