Giuseppi Wild Rivers Interview

The Adventures of Giuseppi

“In Search of Wild & Uncharted Rivers”

Over the last 50 years Giuseppi has embarked on a personal quest to explore the pristine rivers of the Americas. His exploration in search untouched wild rivers has taken him on journeys deep into the Canadian Arctic, the upper  headwaters of the Amazonia, uncharted forest and rivers in southern Costa Rica, and the remote regions of America.


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Canadian Arctic: Barren-ground exploration, 1969

South America: Mountains, rivers, jungles and ancient cultures, 1971-1974.

South America: Exploring Headwaters of The  Upper Amazon of Peru, 197

Central America: unexpected pristine wilderness between Costa Rica and Panama, 1987  

Pristine Rivers and Bioregions; Changes in 50 Years