Israel & Letizia La Ventana

Israel and Letizia are the owners of Kite Mexiko Surfing School located in La Ventana &  Buccerias Mexico.  This set of interviews chronicles the story of their lives with the sea.  The interview explores  how the sea healed them and  lead them to create a life together on the Sea of Cortez.  They are currently building an Eco Kite Center and Kite Surfing School in La Ventana, Baja Sur,  Mexico.

They  teach kite Surfing  in different countries around the world.  These interviews chronicle the adventure of their life journey and some of the colorful characters they have met around the world.


Interviews:  Israel Casasola Villagomez


Interviews: Letizia Buraschi


Interviews: Building a life Together


Interviews: Their Land

The Eco Kite surfing School of La Ventana



KitMexiko Kite Surfing School 

Israel Casasola Villagomez (Owner / Instructor)

Letizia Buraschi (Manager / Instructor)