About Project AZU

Welcome to Project Azu. This is an open forum web site that explores the beauty, diversity, and healing power of water. It begins here at the shore of the Monterey Bay Marine Sanctuary and expands outward to the wild rivers and waterways of our planet.

The work of project Azu builds on the premise that we are living in truly extraordinary times of global environmental transformation that is laying ruin to the natural environments that we love, cherish and recreate in. These environments are the home to countless species and life forms that are threatened or on the precipice of extinction. These regions are the wild and sacred places that we return to again and again to nourish our spirit, calm our mind and bring that since of equilibrium back to our inner being.

The interviews of scientists, researchers and water enthusiasts explore our capacity to improve the health of the sea and heal and transform our lives through our relationship to the sea. The interviews also explore an individual’s personal relationship to the sea and the joy and happiness they experience in a myriad of water activities.

Project AZU explores the nature of self-healing as individuals deepen their relationship to the sea, to water experiences, and ocean sports activities. What is it that brings us back into a state of balance, interconnection, and a feeling of relationship with all that is around us? What tools, understanding and knowledge is available that can assist with this “Return”

We invite you to be inspired, educated, find meaning and connection, and be moved to preserve and protect the waters of life for generations to come.