Dr. Daniel Fernandez Fog Water Collection

“The collection of water from fog offers a unique opportunity to engage with an environmental feature endemic to the Monterey area (fog). Worldwide, numerous countries capitalize upon the presence of fog to produce potable water in regions that receive little rainfall. In some cases entire communities utilize fog water to meet their basic needs (Henderson et al. and Edwards et al.). Indeed, such deployments exist in Chile, Guatemala, Israel, Yemen, Eritrea, Morocco, Spain, and many other countries throughout the world. ” https://csumb.edu/fernandezlab/fog-collection-project 

“Dr. Daniel M. Fernandez teaches classes in first-year physics, Sustainability Systems, Environmental Studies Capstone, and Infrastructure Systems. He also co-coordinates the Environmental Studies program at CSUMB. Dr. Daniel M. Fernandez holds a doctorate of philosophy in electrical engineering ” https://csumb.edu/directory/person/dfernandez

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Fog Collection Project California State University Monterey Bay

Interview with Dr. Daniel M. Fernandez October 2019.

Special Thanks To Maia Dennhey -Location Production Assistant