Dr Richard Murphy

Dr Richard Murphy  (Marine Ecologist) 

Director of Science and Education for Jean-Michel Cousteau’s Ocean Futures Society

All Still Images and Copy are from Dr Richard Murphy’s Book

“Water Alive”

Introductory Interview

Since 1973 Dr. Murphy has been involved with Jean-Michel Cousteau in the creation and implementation of field study programs for students of all ages. The objective of these programs has been to share the wonder and importance of the ocean realm with the public. Drawing on over 30 years of exploring and studying a wide variety of ecosystems and cultures, Dr. Murphy states, “I believe a better understanding of how nature works can not only promote an appreciation for the value of our natural heritage but also help guide the next generation in living more sustainably on the planet.”

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Background & Early life Experiences 

First Encounters with Jacques Cousteau and the Cousteau Society

Expeditions To Unexplored Waters

Educator: Coral Reefs  “Cities Under The Sea” 

Memorable Experience and Adventures with the Cousteau’s

Highlights and Insights

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