Marc & Jonah Interview

A Father & Son Surfing Legacy

Marc and Jonah

Journey to Las Flores,  El Salvador

In the fall of 2017 Marc and Jonah embarked on a father and son healing surf adventure to the warm waters of El Salvador. This interview chronicles that adventure and explores the positive guidance and ocean waterman mentorship Marc provided Jonah from a very young age.  Footage & stills provided by Marc and Jonah.

The first portfolio of clips explores their background life experience and  relationship to the sea.

The second portfolio of clips captures the surf trip  to El Salvador and some memorable moments of the journey. Not only was this a surf adventure it was also a cultural exchange  for Jonah as he took educational booklets from Santa Cruz and handed them out to kids in a small  local school close to the Las Flores surf break.

The third portfolio of clips captures Jonah’s recent Sea experiences in the greater Monterey Bay bioregion.  Jonah recently entered the annual Jay Moriarity long division 12 mile paddle race.  He was one of the youngest participants to enter the paddle race.  He also volunteered for Ride a Wave of Santa Cruz where he and his friends raised $1,000.  Ride a Wave’s mission is to give children with special needs the chance to feel the excitement of riding a wave and experience a safe, fun-filled day at the beach

The filnal clip is a conversation they are having about returning from the morning’s session journeying up the “slow Coast:  to Marc’s favorite secret surf spot.    This is the first time he has taken Jonah.